Dyslexia Activity Book


This interactive and engaging workbook is packed with fun exercises and games to help build essential literacy skills. Each activity is carefully crafted to cater to the unique learning needs of dyslexic (or struggling to read) children. With colorful visuals and clear instructions, this book creates a supportive learning environment that fosters confidence and success. Give your child a strong foundation in reading with My Dyslexia Activity Book!

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My Dyslexia Activity Book is a treasure chest of reading skill-building games & puzzles. With activities like decoding hidden messages in drifting bubbles, joining colorful letters to create underwater creatures, and navigating through word mazes, your child will discover the joy of reading without even realizing it! This colorful tool will help grow your child’s confidence as they embark on the journey of learning to read. 🌊

Designed specifically for children with dyslexia, this book features large print in an easy-to-read font (actually made for people with dyslexia). The formatting & organization are meant to be simple to children to navigate. The games & puzzles within the pages of this book are each tailored to working on essential reading skills such as:

  • visual tracking

  • visual memory

  • visual closure

  • visual discrimination

  • visual form constancy

  • auditory memory

  • working memory

  • directionality

  • and more!


To make this adventure even more exciting, a sticker chart & certificate of completion are included in the back. Every little sticker added to the chart upon completion of an activity will boost your child’s confidence & help them see the fun in learning.

In our enchanting undersea world, there are no limits to imagination and creativity. Your little ones will flourish as they express themselves and embrace their unique strengths, all while strengthening their reading abilities. If you are the parent or friend of a little dyslexic mermaid or merman, or if your underwater explorer simply struggles with reading or hates schoolwork, then this book is for you. 🎨✏️💖

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